Calif.Instr.A/C 101T w.Precision Oscillator 800T

- California Instruments 101T A/C Power Source Output Power: 100VA. Output Voltage: 0-135v. Frequency: 45Hz to 10KHz. The 101T AC Power Source is an all silicon solid state power amplifier that senses both the magnitude and phase of the load current. 0-35VAC / 100 VA single phase output 45 Hz to 10 kHz Overload circuit provides excellent protection against excessive load current, poor load power factor, or both - Oscillator Series 800T California Instrument 800T Precision Oscillator Plug-In, 45Hz - 9999 Hz (850T-1) - S/N B2769 - Output: 105-135V - Output: 10KHz - Input: 105-125V - Input: 45-65Hz Weighs approx. 35lb for both. Price $795 (for both) plus shipping.
  • Item #: A/C 101T-800T PrecOscill.
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