BioCom Biophone 3502/3550 Telemetry Radio

Biocom Inc. Telemetry portable radio Biocom Biophone (this is the orange one ,same model as seen on the TV series "Emergency!") The Biocom Biophone is also very difficult to find. Battery, antenna and cables included. The radio is sold As Is. It is in good condition. Clean, fair/good cosmetic condition. We do not offer any warranty or guaranties. No Returns. We tested the radio and it meets OEM specifications. For the ECG telemetry test an Arrythmia Annie was used. No other tests were performed.Unable to test for working condition.This is a vintage item.Not for normal use. From the manufacturer: Through ECG telemetry and voice communications between emergency vehicle and hospital, the prehospital and hospital phases of emergency care are best established and used. The hospital is prepared and ready to receive the patience. It was used by EMS and other care giving services. The item is sold 'as is'.It is in good/fair clean cosmetic condition. Price $210 FOB Shipping $28.

BioCom Biophone 3502/3550 Telemetry Radio
  • Item #: Telemetry Portable Radio
  • Manufacturer: Bio-Com
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