Leica GZR103 Carrier with Optical Plummet

Leica/Wild GZR103 Carrier with Optical Plummet For GPS antenna and prisms, with plate level and optical plummet, pale green. Rotatable carrier with longitudinal bubble for use in tribrachs without plummet. Reflector centring accuracy 1.0 mm, plummet accuracy 0.5 mm 1.5 m. Item# 725566 Description The Leica Geosystems Laser Plummet - accurate and convenient. The innovative Laser Plummet makes an appreciable contribution to efficient field work. It is the ideal supplement for precisely levelling-up tribrachs without built-in plummets. There is no longer any need for inconvenient viewing through an optical plummet. The instruments can be set up over a ground point much more quickly and conveniently, even in dark environments. Professional carriers are available with either optical or laser plummet for exact positioning. The plummet can be set precisely vertical with the rotatable longitudinal bubble.
  • Item #: Leica GZR103 #725566
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