American Dynamics ADCC1100 Keyboard Control Center

American Dynamics ADCC1100 Keyboard Control Center print Product Highlights 3-Axis Joystick Menu-Driven Interface Removable Smart Cards Multi-Function Camera The American Dynamics ADCC1100 Keyboard Control Center enables the user to efficiently control and program the Megapower matrix/controller systems. A user-friendly hardware and software interface makes the control even easier. Standard system controls are manipulated with color-coded and rubberized soft keys. With a 3-axis joystick, the user can control the pan, tilt, and zoom functions with just one hand. The keys can even perform tour-control functions when a tour is activated. In addition, the keyboard offers recorder control for VCRs and digital video recorders. An easily-understandable menu can be viewed on a backlit LCD, allowing users to quickly navigate through all system functions. Some of these functions would include sixty-four macro keys linking with eight macros per screen. Removable smart cards control keyboard access. These smart cards render conditional access depending on levels of functionality - operator, supervisor, and administrator. With the smart card, even the camera view can be partitioned. The access authorization for creating a custom workspace that tracks each user to a keyboard location can be controlled and monitored with this useful card. Smart cards could also contain macro information, enabling transfer of macros from one control center keyboard to another, or even configured for each user. The integrated smart card technology makes the keyboard control center customized workstations for each user. Complex tasks are accomplished easily with an intuitive user interface. Also the multi-function camera Next/Last keys help navigate through the last twenty cameras selected. This allows for undoing earlier camera activation calls. Lean and sophisticated design Adjustable tilt feet Smart card access giving three levels of user access: Operator, Supervisor and Administrator 64 customizable macro keys which are 8 keys per named macro family group 1000 user-defined macros stored on smart cards Large back-lit LCD display with brightness control Camera view, camera control and monitor partitioning via the smart card User ID options via the smart card Integrated smart card programmer/reader Soft-key driven menu options Variable-speed, vector-solving, twist-to-zoom joystick for pan/tilt/zoom control Camera, monitor, recorder and satellite site selection Preset, pattern and auxiliary control Lens control keys Tour, salvo control and alarm control Used, excellent condition $795
American Dynamics ADCC1100 Keyboard Control Center
  • Item #: ADCC1100 Keyboard CC
  • Manufacturer: American Dynamics
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