ATX612 4-gas monitor Industrial Scientific Corp.

Industrial Scientific Corp. ATX612 Confined-Space Gas Monitor (combustibles, 02, CO, H2S) Industrial Scientific's ATX612 combines the flexibility of the TMX412 multi-gas instrument with the convenience of an internal sampling pump, providing a monitor that is simply ideal for confined space entry testing and portable area monitoring. The ATX612 can be configured for up to four gas monitoring, allowing for continuous detection of combustible gases, oxygen and two toxic gases (including carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide). The internal, constant flow pump will draw samples from up to 100 feet. The ATX612 features an ultrabright light bar and 90 dB audible alarm to immediately warn the user of potentially dangerous gas concentrations, while an optional external alarm provides remote alarm capability. The instrument is available with optional data logging for over 100 hours of data storage and industrial hygiene functions... ideal for advanced monitoring and survey applications. The ATX612 is available with a 16-hour "smart" Ni-Cad battery pack (charging adapter included), or a 20-hour Alkaline battery pack for extended run times. Ni-Cad battery packs are equipped with an LED visual indicator of the charging status. Specifications Gasses Measured combustibles, 02, CO, H2S Approval UL and CSA Class 1, Groups A, B, C, and D; CE; MSHA Dimensions 3-¾"W x 8-¼"H x 3-¼"D Alarm 90 dB (audible/visual) CO range 0 to 999 ppm Carbon Monoxide Alarm Set Points 35/70 ppm Combustible Alarm Set Points 10%/20% LEL Combustible Resolution 1% LEL Combustible Range 50 ppm to 100% LEL Oxygen Alarm Set Points 19.5%/23.5% Oxygen range 0 to 30% Instrument wt 3.4 lb (1.5 kg) Hydrogen Sulfide Resolution 1 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide Range 0 to 999 ppm Oxygen resolution 0.1% CO resolution 1 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide Alarm Set Points 10/20 ppm Function continuous monitoring, peak readings, one-button auto calibration, internal sampling pump; 86391-10 also features datalogging, STEL, TWA, real-time clock New Old Stock $295!

ATX612 4-gas monitor Industrial Scientific Corp.
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