Aeroflex-IFR 1200S FM/AM Communication Analyzer

Aeroflex - IFR 1200S Communication Analyzer FM/AM. The Instrument Flight Research 1200S is a complete instrument package for mobile testing applications. Features: Sensitive receiver for monitoring AM, FM, SSB carriers within VHF, UHF and high band ragnes; Built-in 1 GHz spectrum analyzer and 1 MHz oscilloscope; For analog cellular, SSB, paging and mobile radio testing. Paging formats include DCS, DTMF, MTS, IMTS, and pulsed audio signaling formats. This Communication Measuring Instrument sets the standard for service-monitors. •1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer •100 kHz to 1 GHz Receiver •1 MHz Oscilloscope •RF Signal Generator 250 kHz to 1 GHz •RF Power Meter, Distortion Meter, SINAD Meter $2,449

Aeroflex-IFR 1200S FM/AM Communication Analyzer
  • Item #: Aeroflex IFR 1200S Analyzer
  • Manufacturer: IFS
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