GR1000 LaserLine 10-Foot Direct Reading Laser Rod

GR1000 (Tenths plus Cut/Fill) LaserLine 10-Foot Direct Reading Laser Rod,Retail Price: $185.00 Our price $159 The Laserline GR1000 is a 10' direct reading laser grade rod (Lenker Style) in ft/10ths/100ths with cut/fill indications as well. The GR1000 has a track designed to accommodate a just about any laser receiver for easy elevation measurements. The direct reading tape displays measurements in both 10ths/100ths and as a cut/fill indicator. FEATURES: This Lenker style (direct reading) rod is tough, lightweight, and versatile. It is constructed of high strength anodized aluminum and will not rust, split, or warp in any environment. The tape lock grommets are oversized which minimizes the problem of tape tearing. The tape has a heavy duty matte textured face which protects the numbers from wearing and fading. DIRECTIONS FOR USING THE GR1000 CUT/FILL ROD: 1. Set rod foot on the elevation you wish to use as your reference; i.e. finish grade, subgrade, etc. 2. Run laser receiver up or down the side of the rod and / or raise or lower front rod section until you get the “on grade” signal on your laser detector. 3. Loosen the tape lock pin (lower knob) and disengage the tape lock pin from the tape grommet. 4. Roll the tape until the laser detector pointer is at zero (between the blue and red sections). 5. Lock the tape by engaging the tape lock pin into the closest grommet, then tighten the knob. 6. To determine the amount of cut or fill at any location within the range of your laser, set the rod down and find the “on grade” signal with your laser detector. Read across from the detector pointer and the tape will tell you how much to cut or fill. EXAMPLE: Rod reading is in “BLUE” section 1.75 feet. Existing grade is too LOW. You FILL 1.75 feet to get up to grade. Rod reading is in “RED” section .80 of a foot. Existing grade is too HIGH. You CUT .80 of a foot to get down to grade. Email for picture. New stock.
GR1000  LaserLine 10-Foot Direct Reading Laser Rod
  • Item #: GR1000 LaserLine 10ft
  • Manufacturer: LaserLine Mfg., Inc.
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