54-140K 20X Speed Line Transit-Level Kit w/ Tripod, Rod, Case

CST/Berger 54-140K 20X Speed Line Transit-Level Kit, Retail Price: $498.00. Includes: Aluminum Tripod, Aluminum Rod, Hard Shell Carrying Case, Allen Wrench. The 20X Speed Line instruments are designed for builders who require rough angle turning and fine tuning adjustments. These instruments have clamps and tangents that bring your instrument quickly on target. The 15 minute Horizontal Circle on Model 140 allows the builder to set rough angles. Units use 5/8-11 thread. FEATURES: Non-strip focus knob prevents breakage and lens damage; Built-in sunshade reduces glare; Large achromatic coated objective lens for a sharp image; Rubber eyepiece cap protects eyeglasses; Durable brass leveling screws; Dust protected eyepiece with fixed cross hairs for accuracy; High precision glass level vials; 4-1/2 foot (1.4m) short focus for maximum usable range; Sliding lock levers to lock telescope; One piece aircraft aluminum telescope; Electrostatically powder coated safety yellow paint. It comes with One Year Warranty. SPECIFICATIONS: 200 feet (60m) Working Range; 1/4-in at 75 feet Accuracy.
54-140K 20X Speed Line Transit-Level Kit w/ Tripod, Rod, Case
  • Item #: 54-140K
  • Manufacturer: CST/Berger
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