Leica GIS DataPRO - GPS Office Software (740341)

Leica GIS Data PRO Software.

DataPRO licence for single use, download and upload to GS20 or GS50, data and codelist  management, post-process code data for 0.3m differential results, on a Windows computer.

This data can easily be overlayed on data imported from GIS, whether Mapinfo, Arcview or such. Leica GS20 uses existing mapping and GIS software systems and databases. There is no need to convert data to unique portable formats. When a GS20 user is finished editing data in the field, changes and additions can be uploaded into the master database in the office. GIS Data Pro supports a standard environment of vector map and raster image display that includes aerial photos and satellite imagery. Leica GS20 field input forms for the handheld terminal are created on the PC Windows GISDataPRO. The database structure of GISDataPro is the ESRI "shp" format.

  This GPS office software supports a number of GIS and CAD file formats. Use the GIS DataPRO to import and post process without a dongle device, interpolate reference station data, add, modify and delete reference stations. Leica's GIS DataPRO is a Windows™ based PC software to interface your GPS with your GIS office software. GIS DataPRO offers feature and attribute level controls, GPS post-processing, editing tools, and data export functions, all from an ESRI shapefile format. GIS DataPRO is a comprehensive solution for GIS and CAD users.

GIS DataPRO supports single and dual frequency code and upgrade to phase post-processing. Define the structure of your geographic data before going into the field with the Codelist Manager. Define GIS data layers as point, line or polygon data and setup the attributes for each. Then create choice lists for fast data collection in the field or define critical attributes as mandatory so they don’t get missed. If you have shapefile data already, create a codelist is as easy as importing a shapefile.

GIS DataPRO is shapefile native and generates standard 2D ESRI shapefiles automatically. If you need your data in other formats Leica's export capabilities allow you to export your data to ASCII, AutoCAD™ (DWG and DXF), Microstation™ (DGN), MapInfo™ (MIF), and 3D shapefile formats; guarantying compatibility with most any software. Because DataPRO uses your prototype files for both settings and symbology, your data will automatically be in the format you need.               

Leica GIS DataPRO - GPS Office Software (740341)
  • Item #: 740341
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