Topcon AT-B2 32X Automatic Level

Topcon AT-B2 32X Automatic Level, Retail Price: $1,395 Our Price $897.50 The three models available are: - AT-B2: 32x magnification (40x optional), 0.7mm accuracy (0.5mm with an optional micrometer) - AT-B3: 28x, 1.5mm accuracy - AT-B4: 24x, 2.0mm accuracy (Accuracy specifications are based on 1km double-run leveling.) Other features of AT-B series include: - Superior telescope design provides clear and bright view - 2-speed focus (AT-B2 model) - Horizontal circle is covered for protection against dirt and scratching - Optional accessories include diagonal eyepiece, 40x eyepiece (AT-B2) and optical micrometer for 0.1mm or 0.001ft. readings (AT-B2) Package includes: Auto Level, Hard-Shell Carry Case, Plumb Bob, Weather Protective Bag, Lens Cleaning Cloth, Allen Wrench, and Operator's Manual. The AT-B series can focus on objects at 20cm (7.9in.) in front of the telescope, while previous models provided 50cm or 1m (1.6ft. or 3.3ft.) minimum focusing distance. "This feature dramatically facilitates the works in confined spaces," said Sorenson. The compensator of AT-B series incorporates four suspension wires made of extremely high-tensile metal that features minimal thermal expansion coefficient, "providing unmatched durability and accuracy even in the harshest environmental conditions," said Sorenson. "Its finely tuned magnetic damping system quickly levels and stabilizes the line of sight despite the fine vibrations present when working near heavy equipment or busy roadways."
Topcon AT-B2 32X Automatic Level
  • Item #: AT-B2 60907
  • Manufacturer: Topcon
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Our Price $897.50