Sokkia SDL50 Digital Level 28x 738050

Sokkia SDL50 Digital Level, Package includes: BDC46B Li-Ion Battery, CDC68 115VAC Charger, Dust Cover, Tool Kit, Operator's Manual, Carrying Case, Retail Price: $2,215.00. Sokkia brings the benefits of digital leveling to construction applications at an affordable price with the reliable, easy-to-use SDL50 Digital Level. In less than 3 seconds and with the touch of a key, height difference and distance can be measured and the result is stored in internal memory. The SDL50 minimizes human error and maximizes the ease of leveling work, allowing increased productivity and performance.
Sokkia SDL50 Digital Level 28x 738050
  • Item #: 738050
  • Manufacturer: Sokkia
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