Sokkia CX105 Total Station 2140342E0

CX series, CX-105, 5” total station, reflectorless, dual display, laser plummet, Long Range Bluetooth Class 1 Communications, 300m+. When connected with an external data collector by long range Bluetooth, the Sokkia CX communication provides visual control at the remote rod position. The remote data collector operator can record the data for codes and rod heights at the point of measurement. For stakeout, the remote operator can view directions required to find the next stake point rather then using the radio.Or hand signals. The Sokkia Total Station CX system becomes a very productive system, similar to a robotic system where the instrument man simply needs to follow, aim, and focus on the remote prism. Sokkia CX Total Station, A powerful and compact total station with rugged water/dustproof design. Includes the innovative TSshieldTM advanced security and maintenance system, and exclusive 300m+ long range Bluetooth communications module. CX series available in 1", 2" 3",5",7" options
  • Item #: 2140342E0
  • Manufacturer: Sokkia
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