Sokkia SX 5" Robotic Total Station

Sokkia SX Robotic Total Station5" Model Sokkia anaunces the new robotic total station, SX series. The new robotic total station combines the latest in tracking, motorized, angle accuracy, and software technology into the new high standard for robotic systems. Incorporating cutting-edge laser and image processing technologies, the SX provides extremely reliable -tracking capability, even in dense woods or dim conditions.Point the SX in the general direction of the prism, press the trigger key, and the SX automatically points to the prism center enabling even a beginner to rapidly take accurate measurements. Package includes: Robotic Total Station SX-105T/PS2 213057122 SX Robotic Accessory Kit (Range Pole) and SHC2500 Pkg with SSF Complete Kit 559509 $23,500 In stock for immediate delivery.
Sokkia SX 5" Robotic Total Station
  • Item #: 213057122
  • Manufacturer: Sokkia
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