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PHOTOCHEM® photochemiluminometer: it is used to measure the antioxidant properties of a wide variety of substance compositions.The photochemiluminescence (PCL) method combines very fast photochemical excitation of radical formation with highly sensitive luminometric detection.The instrument therefore represents a unique combination of precision and time/cost-efficient measurement with versatility for routine biological and chemical analysis in the laboratory.



PHOTOCHEM® – Analysis of the antioxidative capacity of both water-soluble and lipid-soluble antioxidants with the PCL method

With PHOTOCHEM®, Analytik Jena AG offers the first system solution for the quantitation of antioxidants in water-soluble and lipid-soluble systems. Due to the use of the method of photochemiluminescence, the fast photochemical excitation of radical formation is combined with sensitive luminometric detection.

How does photochemiluminescence work?

  • Combines the very fast photochemical radical generation with the highly sensitive luminometric detection

  • Works fast, precise, efficient and environmentally beneficial

  • No dependence of measurements on a specific pH value or temperature

  • Delivers results of practical quantitative relevance for the characterization of the antioxidative status of organisms

Convincing benefits

  • First instrument for the measurement of water-soluble and lipid-soluble antioxidants in a single system 

  • Extremely short measuring times – about 3 minutes

  • Very high sensitivity

  • System solution for the measurement of antioxidants; instrument and standardized ready-to-use kits for different applications

  • Simple handling – sampling, measurement and rinse cycles are automatic

PHOTOCHEM® applications are wide ranging, extending from food technology, pharmaceuticals and agriculture through to biochemical and medical research and routine. The measurement system has very short measurement times; it records the integral antioxidant capacity of both lipid and water-soluble substances in a single system, and can determine individual antioxidant capacity components such as vitamins C and E and uric acid.



Many users have already been impressed by the benefits offered by this system. Numerous companies in the food industry, particularly in the USA, now work with the PHOTOCHEM® and use it as a key quality control tool and in the search for new methods of extending product shelf life.

50 systems have already been installed in the USA and Canada alone, providing convincing references from satisfied customers.

The most recent customer, the University of Manitoba (Canada), for instance, uses the Analytik Jena PHOTOCHEM® to measure the antioxidant capacity of various types of grain.



This measurement provides information on the exogenic influence on the grain types under different growing conditions. The aim is also to obtain results on differences in quality, and on the influence of different storage conditions on grain. The PHOTOCHEM® systems installed at the NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center/Iowa State University and the University of Newfoundland (Prof. Fereidoon Shahidi) are used for similar purposes. A further application is using the PHOTOCHEM® to observe the absorption of antioxidants from different foods into the human circulatory system (University of Ohio). However, the system is also used commercially to carry out shelf-life studies on different foods (e.g. vegetable oils) and pharmaceutical creams. These are simply a handful of examples which show the numerous application possibilities and the many different areas of application.

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