ABBOTT IMX Select Automated Immunoassay Analyzer w/Accs

ABBOTT IMX Select Automated Immunoassay Analyzer with accessories #751277 Used, in excellent condition. Abbott IMX is a fully automated and versatile chemistry analyzer developed by Abbott Diagnostics. Abbott IMX, best known for its outstanding performance, is proved to be useful for performing tests for diabetes, kidney disease, fertility, HIV/aids, endocrine function, hepatitis, cancer, STDs, transplant, rubella, thyroid, congenital disease, and heart disease. The tests are measured using micro particle enzyme immunoassay, ion Capture immunoassay (ICIA), and fluorescence polarization immunoassay technologies. The IMX system software helps to perform fully automated assays. By using the SELECT option, multiple tests can also be processed. The equipment includes six major subsystems located in the Enclosure Assembly, which is the single piece IMX outer shell. The six subsystems are a reaction chamber, dispense station, operator control panel, sensors and detectors, software modules and a built-in printer. Version 2.30 All of our products carry a 30 Day warranty
  • Item #: IMX
  • Manufacturer: Abbott
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