Keson LVL483HH 48-Inch Fixed 3-Vial Level

Keson LVL483HH 48-Inch Fixed 3-Vial Level $19.95 New Stock. Product Features -Built to survive the most demanding on-site challenges -Cushioned end caps protect your level from accidents -Top-reading, solid-acrylic, level vial with magnified settings offers effortless reading in any measuring position Lightweight, top-reading, aluminum box beam levels can stand up to any job Solid-set acrylic, barrel shaped vial enable an accurate level reading, regardless of the horizontal orientation of the level - a full 360 degree read Shock-absorbing end caps and ribbed-wall design, along with large easy-grip hand holes that provide reliable, professional results every time.
  • Item #: Keson LVL483HH 48" Level
  • Manufacturer: Keson
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Our Price $19.95