Sokkia 18' SK Level Rod, fiberglass #807344

Sokkia SK Level Rods, Unique patented oval shape permits equal size graduations full-length, prevents rod from rolling and is easier to hold. Numerals and graduations are epoxy-protected for maximum wear-resistance and sized for maximum readability. Sections cushioned with glides to prevent wear. Linear accuracy exceeds 1 in 4,000. Made from strong, corrosion-proof fiberglass that is lightweight and won’t warp or swell. Rods have height measuring gauge on back side. Female threaded hole (? x 11 in.) on top for mini-prism. #807344 18 ft. SK Rod, 5 sections, ft./10ths $105 #807348 25 ft. SK Rod, 7 sections, ft./10ths $149 #807368 25 ft./7m in length, 7 sections, meters/decimeters/½ centimeters $149 #807349 32 ft. SK Rod $349 New stock. Email for picture.
  • Item #: 807344
  • Manufacturer: Sokkia
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Our Price $105.00