Topcon GPT-9005A 5" 3000M Robotic Auto Tracking Pulse T-St.

Topcon GPT-9005A 5" 3000M Robotic Auto Tracking Pulse Total
Station.Demo unit in almost new condition. Item #60429 Serial no.5EO161

GPT-9005A 5" 3000M TL ST RF 60964 Robotic Total Station.Comes With: BT-65Q Battery for GTS-900A series (2 pcs)

BC-30D Charger for BT-61Q/62Q/65Q (2 pcs), manual, CD,
straps,screen protector, cable, heavy duty carrying case.Like new condition. 32lbs

Product Information:Faster, Lighter, Smaller

That’s what the new GPT-9000A series promises and that’s what
Topcon delivers. With a modern, cable-free design, the GPT-9000A
series offers the most advanced robotic technology available. The
GPT-9000A series robotic system features sophisticated technology
unique to Topcon, a one-touch quick lock feature that set the
standard in Robotic target acquisition has taken another step
forward, with the sleek new RC-3 system.

All GPT-9000A series robotic systems offer reflectorless
measurement superior to any other instrument available – capable of
precision measurements at a mind boggling 2000 meters!

Packed with a wide variety of advanced technologies, the Topcon
GPT-9000A series robotic total stations demonstrates why Topcon
continues to be the world’s leader in precision survey

  • Innovative, completely cable -free system design- Superior
    X-TRAC™ Quick-Lock tracking technology- Full-colour, graphical
    Windows CE® instrument and field controller interface- The most
    advanced, longest range, and most powerful reflectorless technology
    available- Integrated interference free 2.4 GHz SpSp robotic data
    communications- Field Scan Imaging ready Features X-TRACK™
    Technology— Instantaneous re-acquisition of target lock

  • Third generation of Topcon‘s World‘s first Quick-Lock
    technology— Combined Quick-Lock and IR communication technology
    Advanced System Design— Completely cable-free instrument and
    rover— Integrated graphical Windows colour touch screen interface—
    New - ultra-fast robotic servo technology Integrated Radio System—
    2.4 GHz interference free Spread Spectrum Radio— Integrated into
    side panel of the instrument

  • Optional - snap-on radio module RS -1 for the FC-200 New
    FC-200 Field Controller— Integrated Bluetooth® wireless
    technology— New 520 MHz Intel XScale® processor - Super-bright
    Windows colour touch-screen interface


  • Item #: 60429

  • Manufacturer: Topcon    

Includes: GPT-9005A (with radio)

                 RC-4/PS (antenna,remote control, radio) item 222106101,Ser.N81722

                 FC-2500 Data Collector (60750) with TopSurv 7.2 (60269) Pro (Basic + Road) Ser.JDRESS558-02199

                 A7R 360 deg.prism with RC mount (item 646448080)


                 Bipod with rod ?

Total station is a demo unit (never used).

All other items are brand (new current production). ?


  • Item #: 60429
  • Manufacturer: Topcon
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