Trimble PathFinder ProXR GPS TDC1 DataCollector w. AssetSurveyor

Trimble PathFinder ProXR GPS TDC1 Data Collector with Asset Surveyors V.5.22 Used,in very good condition,complete GPS system,with everything you need to carry it to the field;to collect data, either with beacon or satellite differential correction, or as uncorrected positions for subsequent post-processing; to transfer the field data to your computer; and to post-process the data using CORS corrections available online. Or it can be used as a rover or base station when combined with other GPS units. This is a sub-meter (50 cm) system and can achieve such results with as little as a one-second occupation time. Using carrier phase data with a 45+ minute occupation time, post-processed accuracies down to 1 cm are possible. Includes: Trimble ProXR Receiever (29654-01) Trimble TSC1 Asset Surveyors V.5.22 Data Collector with strap Batteries Charger TSC1 pouch - like new! Trimble Pro XRS Antenna (29653-00) Antenna pouch - like new 3x12" antenna pole in great condition Receiver power cable (30231-00 Rev. A) Dual Battery cable (24333 Rev. B2) 10' antenna cable (22628 Rev. D) TSC1 to Receiver cable (45052 Rev. A) Trimble DB9 to DB9 (OSM to PC/TSCe) cable (14284 Rev. A1) Serial null-modem cable for data transfer Backpack style field pack Pelican style hard travel case Email for pictures.
  • Item #: ProXR TSC1
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