Trimble AgGPS122 with TSC1 Asset Surveyor® with accessories

Trimble AgGPS122 Integrated DGPS Beacon Receiver Trimble TSC1 Asset Surveyor V.5.27 Trimble GPS/Beacon antenna - P/N 29653-00 TSM battery charger - P/N 38246-00 TSM power supply - P/N 38483 Power/data cable - P/N 30231-00 Dual battery cable - P/N 24333 Antenna cable - P/N 22628 Data cable - P/N 32287-00 Null modem cable Charging cable - P/N 14284 soft pouch for TSC1 soft pouch for antenna Backpack Hard case 2 NEW 12v lead acid batteries (not pictured) Trimble's sophisticated GPS Pathfinder Office software enables you to effortlessly plan for field work. With it, you can automatically differentially correct your data so that it's ready for reviewing in map form before exporting it to the GIS. Features updated with the Asset Surveyor software are automatically marked. So, when you merge the data back into the GIS you know exactly what has changed! Using Trimble's Asset Surveyor and GPS Pathfinder Office software, you can be sure that you always have accurate and up-to-date data for your decision-making. Key features: Mirrors your GIS database structure in the field to ensure that data collected is compatible with your existing data Designed specifically for use with Trimble's GPS Pathfinder Power, Pro XR and Pro XRS receivers, and the TSC1 datalogger Enables you to tailor settings and collection methods for ease of use in the field Provides search and navigation capabilities that ensure you update the right feature in the field Works with the GPS Pathfinder Office software for efficient data processing and two-way data flow to and from GIS software
  • Item #: AgGPS122-TSC1
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