Topcon GPT-3205NW 5" Reflectorless Total Station 60984

Topcon GPT-3205NW 5" Reflectorless Wireless 1,310ft. 400m Total Station 60984 Item Includes Topcon GPT-3205NW Lithium Ion Battery Charger and Power Cable Plumb Bob Tool Kit Operations Manual Hard Carrying Case Manufacturer's Warranty New Standard Reflectorless Total Stations Offering Enhanced EDM Performance and Increased Data Collection Capability Industry-Leading Technologies to Maximize Work Efficiency Topcon’s GPT-3200NW series total stations offer an array of new features that include the enhanced non-prism measurement performance, improved user interface, and increased onboard data collection capability while maintaining field-proven durability and portability. The GPT-3200NW provides superior performance and quality backed by Topcon’s industry-leading technologies. Features: Extended Non-Prism Measurement Range up to 1,310ft. (400m) Class I/1M Safe Pulse Laser EDM Laser Pointer for NP Measurement and Layout 24-key Alphanumeric Keyboard TopField and Road Onboard Software Point Guide for Stakeout/Layout Laser Plummet for Quick Setup Bluetooth® Wireless Connectivity Toughest IP66 Dust and Water Protection Extended Non-Prism Range with Class I/1M Safe Laser A refinement of the Non-Prism EDM in the GPT-3200NW allows measuring distances up to 1,310ft. (400m) range without a reflector. Incorporating Topcon’s advanced time-of-flight (pulse) technology, the GPT-3200NW offers both of superior performance and maximum safety with its Class I (FDA) / Class 1M (IEC) safe laser. This allows safe use even in areas with heavy traffic. TopField / Road Software with Alphanumeric Keyboard The onboard “TopField” and “Road” software dramatically increases efficiency in topo data collection, construction layout, as well as road stakeout tasks. The 24-key alphanumeric keyboard allows for quick inputting of point numbers, codes, attributes, and other necessary data. Technical Specifications: TELESCOPE Length 150mm (5.9 in.) Objective Lens Dia. 45mm (1.77 in.), EDM 50mm (1.97 in.) Magnification 30x Image Erect Field of View 1°30' Resolving Power 2.8" Minimum Focus Distance 1.3m (4.27 ft.) DISTANCE MEASUREMENT - PRISM MODE Measuring Range Mini prism 1,000m (3,280 ft.) 1 prism 3,000m (9,900 ft.) Measuring Accuracy ±(2mm + 2ppm x D)m.s.e. Measuring time Fine mode 1mm (0.005 ft.) 1.1s (Initial 2.5s) Fine mode 0.2mm (0.001 ft.) 1.5s (Initial 3.0s) Coarse mode 1mm/10mm (0.005/0.02 ft.) 0.8s (Initital 2.5s) DISTANCE MEASUREMENT - NON-PRISM MODE Measuring Range Condition I*1: 1.5m to 350m (5 ft. to 1,150 ft.) Condition II*2: 1.5m to 400m (5 ft. to 1,310 ft.) Measuring Accuracy ±(3mm + 2ppm x D)m.s.e. Measuring time Fine mode 1mm (0.005 ft.) 1.7s (Initial 3.0s) Fine mode 0.2mm (0.001 ft.) 2.6s (Initial 3.5s) Coarse mode 1mm/10mm (0.005/0.02 ft.) 1.0s (Initital 2.0s) ANGLE MEASUREMENT Method Absolute Reading H: 2 sides V: 1 side GPT-3205NW 5" (1.5mgon) Diameter of Circle 71mm (2.8 in.) DISPLAY/KEYBOARD Display Graphics LCD 160 x 64 Dots with backlight, 20 characters x 4 lines Keyboard Alphanumeric, 24 keys TILT CORRECTION Tilt Sensor GPT-3205NW Dual axis OTHERS Laser Pointer Red Laser Diode, Wavelength 690nm Point Guide Two Orange LED Plummet Laser Plummet (Red Laser Diode, Wavelength 633nm) Internal Memory Max. 24,000 points Interface RS-232C / Bluetooth Instrument Height 176mm (6.93in.) Laser Class Class I/1M (EDM), Class 2 (Laser Pointer/Laser Plummet) Circular Level Sensitivity 10'/2mm Plate Level Sensitivity GPT-3202NW, GPT-3203NW and GPT-3205NW 30"/2mm Dimension 336(H) x 184(W) x 172(L) mm (13.2(H) x 7.2(W) x 6.8(L) in.) Weight Instrument (with battery) 5.3kg (11.6 lbs) Plastic Carrying Case 3.4kg (7.5 lbs) Dust and Water Protection (IEC 60529) IP66 (with BT-52QA installed) Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F) Battery BT-52QA Operating Time Distance and Angle Measurement-About 5.0 hrs / About 4.2 hrs w/Bluetooth connection Angle Measurement Only-About 45 hrs
  • Item #: 60984
  • Manufacturer: Topcon
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