Sokkia MS16 Small Mirror Stereoscope 818700

Stereoscopes are used to analyze and view aerial photographs.Through a set of lenses, prisms, and mirrors, mirror stereoscopes allow two photographs to be completely separated when viewing, eliminating photo overlap. In general, mirror stereoscopes provide better optical quality than pocket stereoscopes. Although most standard mirror stereoscopes have little or no magnification, binoculars can be fitted to provide high magnification, allowing identification of fine details. One drawback to magnification is that it limits the field of view. MS-16 Small Mirror Stereoscope The small mirror stereoscope fills the gap between large mirror stereoscope and smaller, simpler pocket models. Fine quality instrument with optical path extended to 16cm by mirrors. Provides a wide field of view - 100mm x 100mm. Magnification: 1.5x. Legs fold for storage. Complete with wooden case. #818700 MS-16 Small Mirror Stereoscope
  • Item #: 818700 MS16
  • Manufacturer: Sokkia
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