Burdick Sensaire Spirometer

Burdick Sensaire Spirometer The Sensaire Handheld Spirometer combines all of the features of high-end Spirometers in an affordable, completely self-contained device. The device is handed over to the patient with a new disposable mouthpiece for each test in place. Data evaluation and test results are delivered immediately, irrespective of where the test are carried out. Battery capacity for up to 300 tests! Data are stored on a flash-memory. Features: This machine pays for itself after 60 tests FVC, MVV, SCV, Flow Volume Loops, Pre/Post Testing Touch screen allows for easy "tap in" entry of patient names and demographics Pre-calibrated, biodegradable, disposable mouthpieces that eliminates the need to sterilize or calibrate the equipment Exceeds the ATS Standardization of Spirometry Guidelines (1994) Print to your PC or direct to most printers through the base station/charger Stores 300 patient tests for instant access and easy download Uses rechargeable batteries (included) for weeks of testing 30 days guarantee.Return:within 3 days from receipt for a full refund
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