Biomerieux Coag-A-Mate MTX II Coagulation Analyzer.

Biomerieux MTX II $2,750 BioFully automated analyzer for clotting, chromogenic assays and immunoassays * Normalization of prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial thromboplastin (APTT) provides consistent results between instruments, reagent lots and labs * Advanced optical system flags interfering substances, ensures proper volume delivery and ensures optimal performance of each assay * Waveform analysis technology alerts operator to abnormal waveform patterns * Extreme operational flexibility * Fast and fail-safe loading of samples without run interruption * High throughput (180 tests/hour), irrespective of assay type and combination * Photo-optical, 35 wavelength detection with 395nm to 710nm Tungsten-Halogen light source * Random access, batch or STAT modes * Up to 170 speciment tubes * Cooled reagent bay with 30 positions allowing 12 assays on-line Medium-volume automated analyzer This is the comprehensive, simple and flexible solution. The Coag-A-Mate MTX II has a compact, bench-top design, but offers full automation and many features previously only found in high-volume systems. It is an easy to learn, cost-effective solution and can also be used as a back-up for larger systems. Benefits compact bench-top design easy to learn and operate very cost-effective advanced capabilities usually only found in high-volume systems operator safety versatile, for both routine and specialty applications minimal maintenance 24-hour standby built-in quality control Features fully automated analyzer photo-optical detection with 405 nm Halogen light source random access, batch or STAT mode up to 32 specimen tubes up to 8 assays per individual sample 70 to 80 tests per hour fast STAT loading, within 20 seconds STAT results within 2 to 5 minutes preprogrammed and user-definable methods user-friendly, menu-driven software displays reference curves, clot waveforms and reaction curves normalization of PT and APTT results between bioMérieux instruments cooled (15°C) reagent block dimensions: 78x50x54 (WxHxD) optional barcode scanner dedicated reagents Assays Coag-A-Mate MTX II Methods: PT-Seconds, Quick Percent, INR APTT TT Fibrinogen Factor Assays ATIII Plasminogen Alpha-2-antiplasmin Protein C chromogenic Heparin anti-Xa Activated Protein C resistance Lupus Screen Lupus Confirmatory PNP Mixing studies P+P Plus: open user programmable tests such as Protein C and S clottable. Retail price below. 200100 Coag-A-Mate MTX II, automated

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  • Manufacturer: Biomerieux
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