Arbor Networks Peakflow SP Flow Sensor

Arbor Networks Peakflow SP Flow Sensor A SCALABLE AVAILABILITY SOLUTION FOR COMPANIES WHOSE SUCCESS DEPENDS ON HIGHLY AVAILABLE AND FULLY OPTIMIZED NETWORKS.Used, in excellent condition. Comprehensive DDoS Detection and Analysis Peakflow SP combines pervasive, cost-effective visibility with real-time reporting of critical network traffic, services and applications to proactively protect against DDoS attacks, including comprehensive protection for dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 infrastructure. Application-Layer Intelligence and Protection Peakflow SP provides the application-layer intelligence you need to secure and manage critical business applications such as voice, video, data, messaging, file sharing, Web, email and more. You can instantly see what applications are running on your network, profile their behavior, and detect and report on application traffic violations. This in-depth, real-time intelligence enables you to accelerate problem resolution and minimize network downtime. Intelligent Traffic Engineering By modeling IPv4 and IPv6 traffic across the entire network, Peakflow SP enables you to make timely and informed decisions about routing, transit, partners, customers and quality of service. Peakflow SP also improves traffic engineering and capacity planning by correlating topology information with real-time and historic traffic data. With this rich insight into network traffic and customer-by-customer traffic matrices, you can make cost-efficient adjustments to network traffic operations and eliminate hot spots before they adversely impact services. Profitable, In-Cloud Managed Service Offerings You can leverage Peakflow SP in combination with Peakflow SP TMS to offer your customers cloud-based, differentiated managed security services such as MPLS VPN visibility and DDoS protection in order to expand your business and increase revenue.
Arbor Networks Peakflow SP Flow Sensor
  • Item #: Arbor Peakflow SP Flow Sensor
  • Manufacturer: Intel
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