Spectronic 20D+ Digital Spectrophotometer

Thermo Fisher Scientific Spectronic 20D+ DigitaSpectrophotometers Ideal for a wide range of research and classroom applications. Easy-to-use, reliable, and efficient. Features a solid state detector that eliminates the need to replace phototubes. A simple selection lever makes choosing the appropriate filter a snap. Sample compartments hold a wide range of cuvettes, adapters, and test tubes for a diverse range of chemical tests. Units accept sample volumes as low as 0.75mL. The SPECTRONIC 20D+ features easy-to-read digital display, direct readout of concentration, and a simplified computer and printer interface that allows printing and RS-232C communication. The SPECTRONIC 20+ features improved 0%T and 100%T adjustments for faster settings, more stability, and greater accuracy. Its 14cm (51/2") analog meter reads linear %T and non-linear A. With 1.3cm (1/2") sample compartment adapter, operator’s manual, dust cover, and U.S. line cord.
  • Item #: Spectronic 20D+ Spectroph
  • Manufacturer: Thermo Fischer Scientific
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