Keson Pocket Rod PR618 (Feet/Inches)

Keson Pocket Rod PR618 Removable Tape This unique grading rod is compact like a tape measure. Simply remove the nylon-coated steel blade from the case and you have a convenient 6-1/2 ft. vertical-reading leveling rod. Each case has a built-in target. When finished, just slide back into the case. It's ideal for checking a grade without having to carry a full-size rod. Technical Details Built in target on 2 sides Tecron-tuff coated facing not affected by moisture Non-glare surface Convenient surveyors pole Heavy-duty end hook Removable blade The Keson Pocket Rod is a Land Surveyors Handy Tool. Its quicker than extending and setting up a grade rod, and its much lighter to carry around then a grade rod. A great tool for surveyors that do construction stake-out work. Law Enforcement that do Accident Reconstruction can find this tool to be very handy as well, since it'll fit in the trunk of a car. •Units: Feet, inches and 8th. •Length: 6 1/2 feet •Zero Point: Hook End •One-year Manufacturers Warranty against defects in material and workmanship only
  • Item #: PR618 Keson Pocket Rod
  • Manufacturer: Keson
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