CST/berger 56-CST225N Pentax Reflectorless Total Station

CST/berger 56-CST225 Pentax Reflectorless Total Station Features: The 4,500 ft. range to a single prism makes this instrument perfect for any construction site or other applications like mapping and GIS, utilities, environmental studies, and geomarking Five second angular accuracy ensures users the right precision under the right job conditions Reflector-less distance measuring up to 295-ft makes getting that hard-to-reach distance measurement a breeze Easy-to-use onboard software ensures that users have the right application at the touch of a finger Single axis (vertical) compensation that will make up for tilts on the X-axis Data Transfer Software supports upload and download of data files between PENTAX surveying instruments and PC's, through RS-232C cable, as well as providing data conversions Data Transfer Software operates under Window 95, 98, 2000 and NT Software fully utilizes the power of the advanced capabilities inherent in Windows Data can be converted into the following formats: Pythagorean files, DXF, JS-Info, TDS, SDR, TAB separated ASCII, DC-1Z, 3 User Definable Formats and various other accepted formats Manufactured for CST/berger by Pentax Includes: Pentax Reflectorless Total Station - 56-CST225N Battery Charger Carrying case Toolset Rain cover Plumb Bob Data Transfer Software Manual
  • Item #: CST 56-CST225N
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