Optical Repeater/Battery back IFS D9130-B RS232/RS422

D9130 -Optical Repeater/battery back, DB25 Data Connector, RS232 / RS422, Single-Mode Laser, 2 Fibers

It comes with a power supply and 4 different types adapter plugs. SingleMode 9/125microM 2 in / 2 out 25dB 43Miles (69kM) The IFS series D9100 consists of fully-digital transceiver units designed for implementing simplex or full-duplex RS-232 drop-and-repeat poll-andrespond traffic signalization/communications data networks utilizing two optical fibers. These environmentally-hardened units are ideal for use in unconditioned out-of-plant or roadside installations and the master-configured transceiver unit may be located anywhere within the network, making this equipment ideal for applications involving on-street master controllers with upstream and downstream communications requirements. The D9100 series may be used in a conventional single-master/multiple local network architecture, or in a dual-master/bus multiple local configuration for higher levels of communications reliability. Manually resettable anti-streaming is included for unparalleled network protection. Optional battery backup capability provides the highest level of network reliability in the event of a loss of local 115 VAC prime operating power, and maintains continuous communications channel operation. Plug-and-play design ensures ease of installation and no electrical or optical adjustments are ever required. LED indicators are provided for rapidly ascertaining equipment operating status, and these units are available in either stand-alone or rack-mount configurations. Application Examples • ITS Traffic Signalization Networks • Access Control Systems • Building Automation and Environmental Control Systems • Computer/Data Equipment • Fire and Alarm Systems Features • Meets EIA RS-232C/D Specifications (Simplex or Duplex) • NTCIP Compatible • Tested and Certified by an Independent Testing Laboratory for Full Compliance with the Environmental Requirements (Ambient Operating Temperature, Mechanical Shock, Vibration, Humidity with Condensation, High-Line/Low-Line Voltage Conditions and Transient Voltage Protection) of NEMA TS-1/TS-2 and the Caltrans Specification for Traffic Signal Control Equipment. • Robust Design Assures Extremely High Reliability In Unconditioned Roadside Environments • User-Selectable Local, Master or Bus operation and DTE or DCE Interface Ensured Ease of Installation and Maximum Versatility • Supports Request to Send (RTS) and Clear to Send (CTS) Signals • RJ-45 expansion port provides network branching capability by electrically linking colocated transceiver units • Solid-State Current Limiters on all Power Lines Provide Equipment Protection • Optional Internal Battery Back-up Provides a Minimum of 12 Hours Operating Time in the Event of Loss of 115 VAC Prime Operating Power, and Maintains Continuous Channel Communications. • Supports Single and Dual-Master/ Bus Traffic Signal Controller Communication System Architectures • Wide Optical Dynamic Range: Optical Attenuators are Never Required • User-Configurable Optical and Electrical Anti-Streaming Provides Network Protection Against Faulty Streaming Controller Operation NEW. Email us for pictures. Factrory warranty included.

  • Item #: IFS D9130
  • Manufacturer: IFS
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