Cadwell EGM Excel Plus IONM Complete System

Cadwell Excel Plus IONM System Complete system. Email us for pictures. S/N 350147 $2,750FOB Plus shipping

Cadwell Excel is an EMG(Electromyogram)feedback unit designed to offer its users complete sensory and motor NVC(Nerve Conduction Velocity) testing and special protocols for F-wave and H-reflex studies. Available in either console or portable models, the Sierra system presents up to 7 programmable cursors that can be placed on areas of clinical significance during or after data acquisition. Each NVC response(onset, peak, trough) are automatically labled and intended to provide the latency and amplitude values. This testing unit provides up to four channel testing and includes visual, auditory and somatosensory protocols that come with a user-activated list of standard settings. The system also features hands-on intensity and stimulation knobs, complete table reports, A/D convertor's with 16-bit resolution, and a high resolution color monitor.
Complete system,with power module,cables,and stand.
Used, in very good condition.
$2,750 plus shipping.
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Cadwell EGM Excel Plus IONM Complete System
  • Item #: Cadwell Excel Plus IONM
  • Manufacturer: Cadwell
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