Dissolved oxygen meter Lamotte DO4000

Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter • Model DO-4000 Portable hand-held dissolved oxygen meter designed to provide measurements for the most critical water quality parameter. Digital readout provides mg/L, % saturation, and temperature readings by selecting a mode. Features automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for mg/L and % saturation; salinity compensation is manual by direct dial. Meter comes packaged in a convenient carrying case with 2 replacement membrane cartridges, electrolyte, and protective probe storage bottle. Temperature Measurement:Range: 0°C to 120°C Resolution: 0.1°C Oxygen Measurement:Range: 0-19.99 mg/L; 0-200% Sat. Resolution: 0.01 mg/L; 1% Sat. Compensation: Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for mg/L and % saturation. Manual setting for salinity 0-30 ppt in 5 ppt increments. Probe: Polarographic type, Delrin® body, 2 mil Teflon® membrane, 3m (10 ft) or 15m (50 ft) cable with connector. Readout: 3-1/2 digit LCD Controls: O2 , % Sat, °C, Off, Salinity Comp, Slope Response Time: 90% in 10 seconds at a constant temperature of 21°C. Response at low dissolved oxygen levels typically 90% in 30 seconds. Power: Alkaline 9V DC battery, 3.5 mm jack for optional AC adapter. $179
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