EP 8000-2 Electro-Pneumatic Transducer

EP-8000 Series Electro-Pneumatic Transducers convert a voltage or current signal from an electronic controller into a pneumatic output pressure signal. An increase or decrease in the input signal proportionally increases or decreases (respectively) the output pressure signal from the EP-8000. The EP-8000 is designed to output a proportional pneumatic control signal in response to an electronic control signal. 44 units available All units feature barbed air connections for 5/32 or 1/4 inch O.D. polytubing. Sequencing of pneumatic valve or damper actuators can be accomplished using a Johnson Controls® V-9502 (Valve) or D-9502 (Damper) Actuator Positioner.Features Benefits Compact, Simple Design Eases installation on a variety of mounting surfaces, including direct mounting on pneumatic valve actuators Choice of 0-10 VDC or4-20 mA Input Range Interfaces with a wide range of controllers, making the unit ideal for retrofit installations Hypodermic Needle Test Point Allows for fast and easy output pressure signal measurement Factory Set, Fully Adjustable Zero and Span Facilitates field calibration, saving installation costs High Accuracy with Low Hysteresis Provides many years of use with less time spent on maintenance. The EP-8000 Electro-Pneumatic Transducer by Johnson Controls converts a 0 to 10 VDC or 4 to 20 mA signal from an electric controller into a proportional pneumatic output signal. These transducers are grouped into two basic versions: low-volume output units (non-relay) and high-volume output units (relay). Typically used with pneumatic valve or damper actuators.Sequencing can be provided through a Johnson Controls V-9502 Valve Actuator Positioner or D-9502 Damper Actuator Positioner. Used in very good condition. 44 units available Price $69each
  • Item #: EP 8000-2 JCI transducer
  • Manufacturer: Johnson Controls
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