Air Products On-Site Chromatographic Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen On-site Gas Generation from Air Products Nitrogen Supply Technologies for Every Application Building on our expertise as a world leader in the production and supply of nitrogen, Air Products' PRISM nitrogen gas generators and our large-scale onsite plants offer dependable, cost-effective methods for on-site nitrogen generation. For many years, Air Products’ PRISM pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen units have delivered cost effective and dependable performance. Our proven nitrogen gas production technology delivers very pure nitrogen using significantly less feed air than competitive systems, enabling customers in numerous industries and locations around the world to realize economical on-site nitrogen supply. Capacity: up to 2,600 Nm3/hr Purity: 95.0-99.9% Weight: 64 lbs. Size: 32.5"h x 12.5"w x 13"d Used, in very good condition. $1,849
  • Item #: Chrom Nitrogen Gen
  • Manufacturer: Air Products
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Our Price $1,849.00