PLS Laser FT 90 TOOL Laser (PLS-60567)

PLS FT 90 Laser cross line squaring tool designed for tile-floor layout. Eliminate costly mistakes and compound errors by establishing 90 degree (square) floor layout with bright laser lines from the durable cast aluminum FT 90. The PLS FT 90 is simple to use with the push of only one button. PLS FT 90 Tool Tile-Floor Layout Laser Specifications: Working Range: +/-65 feet (+/-20 meters) Square Accuracy: +/-1/16 inch @ 20 feet (+/-2mm @ 6 meters) Leveling: Fixed base - not self leveling Power supply: 3AA batteries, alkaline or rechargeable Operating time: 10 hours continuous use Dimensions: 8 inches x 2-3/8 inches x 2-3/4 inches (20.3 cm x 6 cm x 7cm) PLS FT 90 Includes: Floor Targets Carrying Case Operating Manual
  • Item #: PLS-60567 Laser FT 90
  • Manufacturer: Pacific Laser Systems
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