Sokkia SET550RX Total Station 5" Reflectorless 400m

Sokkia SET550RX Reflectorless Total Station 5" Accurate, Dual Display, with Bluetooth, SD card Slot, USB port, and Laser Plummet (655605) $6,595 NEW Open Box Special Item Includes: SET550RX Total Station Lithium Ion Battery (2 qty.) Charger and Power Cable Tubular Compass Sunshade Lens Cap Plumb Bob Tool Kit Operations Manual Hard Carrying Case Check out the link for an item brochure: 50RX_Brochure.pdf Ultimate in Reliability All Weather - All Temperature - Consistent Speed The Series50RX operates in heat or frost, in sand or snow, in powder dust or Enhanced RED-tech II EDM consistently measures to a wide variety of objects The new total station series extends measurement range to 4,000m (13,120ft.) with a single prism, and up to 5,000m (16,400ft.) with three prisms. This represents a 20 percent increase over previous models while reducing the measurement time by 40 percent. The Series 50RX Total Station provides exceptionally dependable performance at affordable costs. Extended measuring range, increased measurement speed, field-proven accuracy, all-weather dependability, easy-to-use powerful on-board software, and a variety of data management capabilities -- all the advanced features are packaged in a tough and compact body. The Series50X – Ultimate Standard from Sokkia. 400m (1,310ft.) Reflectorless Range Extended reflectorless measurement range increases work efficiency by reducing shift of instrument locations. Measures from the industry’s shortest distance -30cm (1ft.). Ideal for measurements to benchmarks close to the instrument or to points on the ground in archaeological survey. Narrow visible laser beam is also used as a laser pointer; the EDM precisely measures the point the laser dot indicates. Laser output level is automatically switched to Class 1 specifications in “prism” and “reflective sheet” modes to ensure safety. 1.7 seconds – Max. 4.2 seconds With refined digital signal processing algorithms, the Series50RX reduced variation of reflectorless measurement time due to the ranges and object types by 30 percent . 1.7 seconds – typical initial measurement time. 4.2 seconds – maximum time before results are displayed. Consistent, high-speed measurement eliminates operator’s stress and increases overall productivity. Environmentally Durable The Series50RX total stations offer the industry’s highest durability that withstands the severest climates as well as the harshest work site conditions. Maximum Reliability in Extreme Temperatures. In addition to the standard and Low Temperature models, the High Temperature models are also available for use in extreme heat. High Temperature Models: The Series50RX sets a new standard for use of a total station in extremely high temperatures. Dependably operates in the heat of up to +60°C (+140°F). Ideal for use in deserts, equatorial regions and tropical reefs. Low Temperature Models Ensures operations in freezing climates as low as 30°C (-22°F) . Large external Ni-MH batteries are available as options for long-term operation in low temperatures. High-Speed, Long-Range Laser EDM Sokkia’s advanced digital signal processing technology significantly enhances distance measurement capability that maximizes work efficiency under all job-site conditions. 1.7 seconds typical measurement time in fine mode -40% faster than previous models Every 0.3 seconds high-speed tracking 5,000m (16,400ft.) long range measurement -20% further than previous models 2mm + 2ppm accuracy with prisms; 3mm + 2ppm with reflective sheets World-proven, Time-tested Angle Reading System Sokkia’s innovative absolute encoder system provides unsurpassed, extra long-term dependability that has been proven in all types of worksite conditions across the globe since its introduction in 2002. Extremely simplified optical and mechanical structure maximizes reliability even in the harshest environmental conditions. Advanced coding and digital processing technologies have given the Series50X the capability to automatically detect and correct misreading of encoder patterns. Highest Protection against Dust and Water Fine dust or driving rain is no deterrent to the Series50X. The industry-leading IP66 protection provides unparalleled dependability in the harshest work site conditions. Dust-tight IP6x is the highest grade of protection against ingress of solid foreign objects. Shuts out powder dust, sand, mud and other fine particles. Water-protection IPx6 rating means the instrument is protected against powerful water jets from any direction. Does not allow penetration of sudden shower or dripping water in tunnels Quick Operation in All Conditions Easy-to-use control panel is clearly viewable both in direct sunlight and in underground construction sites. The LCD display automatically maintains optimal contrast and visibility using a built-in temperature sensor. Fully backlit keys greatly facilitate operation in low lighting conditions. The SF14 full-alphanumeric wireless keyboard is optionally available for 2”, 3” and 5” models. Guide Light Speeds Up Setting-out Tasks Green/Red guide light is built into the telescope as a standard feature. The lateral position of a prism can be easily determined in a wide range of 1.3 to 150m (4.3 to 490ft.). A special flashing pattern is also included to assist users with color perception disability. Security and Data Management Password function prevents unauthorized use. 10,000-point internal memory SD/SDHC card USB flash memory devices An optional built-in Bluetooth® module for wireless connection with a data collector. Built-in Laser Plummet Built-in laser plummet allows for quick instrument setting. 5 brightness levels are selectable for optimum visibility. $6,595 Best price on the web! New Open Box Special! Also in Clearance for $6,295 Demo unit.
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