Compaq Proliant DL580 Server

Server downtime can translate into millions of lost dollars in a corporate data center, application or Internet service provider (ASP/ISP) environment. Additionally, higher levels of performance, availability, and reliability are being demanded from servers as larger and more mission-critical business applications are implemented into the data center. As space within the data center becomes more constrained and expensive, the drive towards rack-optimized servers is expected to intensify and gain speed, along with the use of external storage products and backup solutions. The Compaq ProLiant DL580, follow-on to the award-winning ProLiant 6400R, has been designed to help you meet the rigorous and growing demands of your business-critical data center and ASP/ISP computing environment. The Compaq ProLiant DL580 provides maximum 4-way performance, the highest levels of availability and serviceability, renowned Compaq reliability and manageability. The ProLiant DL580 builds upon the tradition of product excellence started by the ProLiant 6400R $329 plus shipping
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