Leica DISTO D210XT

Leica DISTO™ D210XT – Tough enough! Smart Horizontal Mode™ - absolute precise measurements While a lot of manufacturer’s talks about robustness, few go to such lengths as Leica Geosystems. To be sure that our laser distance meters operate precisely even in very harsh conditions, they are tested at every stage of development. The Leica DISTO™ D210XT is the only laser distance meter protected against jet water spray, and is completely sealed against dust – earning it an "IP 65" rating from the International Electrotechnical Commission. The most important features of Leica DISTO™ D210XT: Sealed keypad allows dirt to be washed off under running water. Dust-resistant with a tight rubber seal. Robust Rubber jacket- passes drop testing from a 6 foot height. Impact-resistant housing reinforced with fiberglass plastic bracings. Wear Resistant 4-line display illuminated to allow measuring in the dark. Multifunctional end-piece with automatic position detection for measuring out of corners and from edges. The Leica DISTO™ D210XT has the following measuring functions : Continuous measurement- tracking suitable for staking out any distances. Minimum distance measurement- allows horizontal or vertical measurement in which the shortest distance is displayed. Maximum distance measurement- allows diagonal measurement into corners in which the longest distance is displayed. Plus, minus- distances, areas or volumes can be added or subtracted. Area and volume measurement- The area or volume is automatically calculated from two or three measurements (length, width, height). Supplementary information such as skirting length, wall area, floor or ceiling area is displayed at the touch of a button. Pythagoras functions- allows distances to be determined when direct measurement is impossible. The distance is automatically calculated from two or three measurements. Dust-proof and jet water protected IP65 The housing and keypad are specially sealed against water and dust. Cleaning under running water is no problem. Robust The sensitive measuring elements are protected by solid rubber parts. The Leica DISTO™ D210XT endures drop tests from 2m height. Multifunctional end-piece Whether measuring out of corners, slots or from edges, with this endpiece you are prepared for all measuring situations. The instrument detects the endpiece automatically, which helps you to avoid expensive measuring errors. Functionality The Leica DISTO™ D210XT has a diverse range of functions, e.g. addition, subtraction, area, volume, Pythagoras, continuous measurement and minimum/maximum measurement. Included items – practical and clever: Holster Hand loop 2 AA batteries CD with manual / safety instructions Quickstart guide Features Your advantages Measuring range 1.6in – 230 ft Typ. accuracy ± 1/16 in Precise, quick and reliable measurements. Sealed keypad For measurements in extremely dusty environments. Easy to clean under running water. Solid rubber housing Endures drop tests from 2 m (6 ft) height. Hard-wearing, illuminated display Measured values can be read, even in the dark. Flip-out end-piece with automatic detection Reliable, trouble free and error free measurement from edges or out of corners. Minimum and maximum measurement function Horizontal and diagonal measurements, e.g. in corners. Room dimensions Values such as circumference, wall area, floor or ceiling area are displayed at the touch of a button. Continuous measurement Simple and quick staking out. IP65 Dust-proof and jet NOS $209
  • Item #: Leica Disto D210XT
  • Manufacturer: Leica Geosystems
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